New Beginnings Christian Fellowship: A Full-Gospel Pentecostal Independent Fellowship


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God has given us a Vision to see His people live and walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ (Colossians 2:9-10). We must admit, this is something we are learning ourselves! At NBCF we are pursuing this “fullness” together. We’re not narrowly following one particular message or area of doctrine, but are seeking the knowledge of all the “fullness of Christ.” We believe that the Church—the Body of Christ must arise in these Last Days to become all that Christ came to have us become—and to receive all that His work on the Cross has given us. We believe every part of Jesus’ life was important and significant to ours today—from His crucifixion, to His resurrection, to His ascension to the right hand of the Father. We believe that it was always His intention to release His Kingdom on the Earth through His people.
If you are looking for a church fellowship in which to become a part of the fullness of Jesus Christ, we welcome you to read more about NBCF, listen to some of the podcasts, email us with questions and come visit!


Senior Pastor Debra Jack & Assoc. Pastor Rick Jack

Spiritual Warfare: Custom Faith

Sunday, March 22, 2015: 
Spiritual Warfare: Custom Faith

Did you know that God has provided you a custom faith to use to stand firm against the enemy?  You’ve probably never heard that term before, but in this teaching, Sr. Leader Debra brings to light the Scriptures that describe a God-given measure of faith that is perfectly tailored to you!  You will be incredibly equipped by the revelation found in this teaching.  Take a listen and prepare to take up your measure of faith!

Prophecies and Wisdom

Sunday, March 15, 2015: 
Prophecies and Wisdom

The Holy Spirit released the gift of prophecy during this service and by His leading, a message was birthed. Senior Leader Debra and Associate Pastor Lucas tag team following the unction of the Holy Spirit to bring forth a very intentional word about recalling the prophecies spoken over your life and getting the wisdom of the Lord.  It is crucial that we seek the wisdom of God in our life, for in it we find solutions.   Listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying and be empowered to move toward your God-ordained destiny!

Spiritual Warfare: Resistance

Sunday, March 8, 2015: 
Spiritual Warfare: Resistance

Is the enemy roaring in your ear?   Are you burdened by anxieties, worries, cares?  The Bible gives us a strategy in 1 Peter 5 on how to deal with the enemy’s punches.  In this teaching, Senior Leader, Debra Jack, breaks down verses 6 – 10 in detail, helping illustrate exactly what the Scriptures mean. This message will enlighten you on how to trust God in a greater way and be set free, lifted to a place of victory in Christ!

Unity: A Weapon of Warfare Part 2

Sunday, March 1, 2015: 
Unity – A Weapon of Warfare Part 2

Senior Leader, Debra Jack, brings another revelatory message on the power of unity in waging spiritual warfare.  To be the “finishers” that we’re destined to be, we absolutely must grab hold of the type of unity described in the Word for these last days!

The River of God

Sunday, February 22, 2015: 
The River of God 

Apostle Frank Harvey brings a strong message of exhortation to the church confirming and strengthening the vision of NBCF as an equipping center. He speaks on the River of God, a part of God’s government, which allows Believers to move as Jesus moved upon the Earth, bringing light into every place they are positioned.  Listen to this powerful word and be blessed!

Women’s Meeting

Ladies, we invite you to come and be part of a powerful meeting full of fun, fellowship and phenomenal wisdom to encourage and strengthen us – body, soul and spirit!

Thursday, March 26th @ 6:30pm at New Beginnings Christian Fellowship.