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Prophetic Word to the Age Groups

A Prophetic Word to the Age Groups
by Debra Jack, given at NBCF on 3/26/17

I have never received a word from the LORD quite like this one, as it was in respect to age groups.  It seemed as though the LORD was releasing some specifics to each age group that were meant to become a FOCUS in our lives.  And, this is not to say that we, no matter our age, should all listen and receive each segment of the word for our mutual benefit.

View the full word here.

Culmination – Part 4

Sunday, January 29, 2017: 
Culmination – Part 4

2017 will be a year of culmination and a clash of two kingdoms. The Lord seeks to have His people culminate into His glorious Kingdom, but many of us are responding to the kingdom of darkness. God is calling us to recognize that Christ’s righteousness gives us the ability to operate in Kingdom power – and that makes us limitless!!!  Listen and embrace your limitless inheritance!

Culmination – Part 2

Sunday, January 15, 2017: 
Culmination – Part 2

2017 will be a year of culmination -in both the positive and negative sense. The Lord seeks to have His people culminate into the things of the Kingdom. What needs to come to fulfillment – or culminate – in your life?  What are you ready to see culminate – or come to an end – in your life this year? NOW is the time to break unholy alliances and unite with the Kingdom of God!