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Co-Sr. Leader and founder of New Beginnings Christian Fellowship. Trained through Rhema Bible Correspondence School as well as other teachers from various ministries. Married, my wife Debra is also Co-Sr. Leader and founder. We have two sons and daughters-in-law and four grandchildren. I have been an architect for the last 20 years and currently practice as well as learning how to do this website.


Sr. Leader and Prophet, Debra Jack, received a word from the Lord on the need for unity – both with God’s Spirit and with one another as a Body. Achieving this unity may look different than we think. Read more here.

Passover Healing Service

Thursday, April 9, 2020 // 6:30 PM

We will host a Passover Healing Service via live stream on our YouTube Channel: NBCF Productions. We invite you to join us for this powerful time of remembrance and celebration! Since we will be celebrating Passover from our homes, we have made a pre-service document to help you and your family prepare to make this experience as meaningful as possible. We look forward to honoring our Lord with you at this special time!

The Tithe in the Order of Melchizedek – Part 2

Sunday, March 8, 2020, Sr. Leader Debra continues her series on Biblical giving with a revelatory teaching on tithing in proper order – an order which involves a mysterious character in the Bible named Melchizedek. Listen as she reveals exactly who this person is and how this new order of tithing impacts our lives today!

Coronavirus and Your Rights

Coronavirus and rights…in the same sentence? Did I see that right? Absolutely! Learn more about your rights as a Believer in the midst of threatening sickness, plague and more. This is critical to enforcing our victory won through the Blood of Christ! Be sure to view Part 2 as well – there is a powerful prayer at the end that you can pray to enforce your rights and push back the darkness! Read it all here.