“February for Freedom” Challenge

Sunday, February 2nd, Pastor Lucas initiated a challenge for the body at NBCF during February called “February for Freedom.”  On the heels of our corporate fast, this challenge is meant to bind us into common vision, help us seek after Kingdom order in our lives, as well as promote spiritual hunger!  

Here is a recap of the challenge to you:

1.  Soak in the Word:  

a)  Read a Psalm and Proverb daily
b)  Read the book of Luke and Ephesians over the month of February  
c)  Supplement your daily reading with a podcast, a video sermon, or other Biblically-based text

2.  Worship (Rejoice!)

3.  If you have a spouse, commit to doing devotions together as a couple this month. 

Let’s wholeheartedly embrace this challenge and the freedom it will bring!

The Amazing Rewards of the Apostle and Prophet

Many are familiar with the phrase “the prophet’s reward” as mentioned in Scripture, but have you ever noticed the apostle’s reward? Do you know what the apostle and prophet’s rewards entail and how to receive them?

Read this revelatory article and become a receiver of the rewards Christ has appointed to His Body!

Returning to Mighty Ministry

return to mighty ministry

Returning to Mighty Ministry
by Sr. Leader Debra Jack

This article offers a fresh perspective on ministry, serving and leading – and the heart attitude that must accompany those things. Check out this essential leadership training here.

Behold Our King: Christmas Reflections

Behold Our King
Christmas Reflections
by Debra Jack

Amidst all the things that are going on in our government today; amidst great anger flaring, creating and scattering about both small and great civil wars; amidst horrific natural catastrophic events; amidst great and terrible attacks on human life—terrorists and other; amidst great immoralities hijacking and occupying society; amidst the great compromises of the Church, and more—there is a King to behold!  A King we need to see, look at and observe with great intention and focus!  A King that needs to be at the center of our life…continue reading.

Christmas Begins With Christ: A Christmas Greeting

savior_of_the_worldNo doubt, since before Thanksgiving, you have already heard many times, “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” “Merry Christmas” and the many other phrases related specifically to this season of year.  Admittedly, this is and should be a joyful time of year.  But for many, many, it may not be.  For others it may be a ridiculous time of year.  And still for others, Christmas may be just what we make of it.  Yet, we need to remember...Read the full article here.