Serious – A NEW Wednesday Night Series

Introducing a new series for Wednesday nights, beginning in February!  Click here to view all the info!

Topics will include:

Is The Bible actually God’s Word?
Is God Sovereign?  Good God—Bad God!
Got Redemption?
Salvation:  Limited or Limitless?
The Great Heresy-Apostasy—Once Saved, Always Saved?
To Sin or Not To Sin—That is the Question!
God-Jesus-Heaven VS Satan-Hell
Kingdom NOW!
Are YOU Armed for the Hour?

Carrying The Fire

Morningstar Ministries hosts: Carrying The Fire Conference for ages 50+. We believe we are at a pivotal moment on the Father’s heart. He is calling our generation as fathers and mothers in the Lord to unite for our greatest purpose. We are declaring a holy convocation, recognizing His faithfulness and to usher in the next move of God. Event is March 22-24, 2017. To register, visit