Serious – A NEW Wednesday Night Series

Introducing a new series for Wednesday nights, beginning in February!  Click here to view all the info!

Topics will include:

Is The Bible actually God’s Word?
Is God Sovereign?  Good God—Bad God!
Got Redemption?
Salvation:  Limited or Limitless?
The Great Heresy-Apostasy—Once Saved, Always Saved?
To Sin or Not To Sin—That is the Question!
God-Jesus-Heaven VS Satan-Hell
Kingdom NOW!
Are YOU Armed for the Hour?

A Vision of the End

A Vision of the End
A revived Word from the late Kenneth E. Hagin

Last week, Sr. Leader Deb presented this “lost word” from Kenneth Hagin recorded 68 years ago. It is a paramount word relevant to today.  Take a look at this word as well as the personal commentary on revival and how this word impacts NBCF right now from Sr. Leader Deb.


A New Year – A New Beginning

As a human race, I’ve often thought we’re addicted to love… yet we’re also addicted to new beginnings!  I wondered “why”?

Then I had a realization:  Because we’re always so in need of both!

Read more of Sr. Leader Debra Jack’s New Year’s greeting here.

Critical Change – Mighty Men

podcast coverSunday, May 1, 2016: 
Critical Change – Mighty Men

Sr. Minister, Debra Jack presents a prophetic word for the men in the Body of Christ – a word to help launch men into their God-designed destiny as leaders and warriors.  Men, prepare to arise!

Jesus in Genesis

podcast coverSunday, April 24, 2016: 
Jesus in Genesis

Special guest, Ze’ev Nevo with Israel Media Ministries, joins us with a powerful and dynamic message as he leads us through the story of Jacob.  Listen to discover how Yeshua is revealed in the book of Genesis.  You will be mightily blessed!


Evidence of the Indwelling Holy Spirit

podcast coverSunday, April 17, 2016: 
Evidence of the Indwelling Holy Spirit

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is often a misunderstood and rejected phenomenon in the Church.  The burning question is:  Why the tongues?  In this message, Sr. Minister, Debra Jack, answers that question and more!