Member’s Library

NBCF Members – During this time of much change to our normal meetings, as well as to your normal routine, we want you to know that the NBCF Member’s Library is still an available resource for your spiritual growth and discipleship, as well as wholesome and inspiring entertainment. There are numerous books, audio teachings, and DVD’s to choose from, from topics like marriage & family to healing & deliverance. Below is a link that will open up a PDF that has an inventory of the resources for you to review. The PDF is organized in the following order: Contact information for checking out items, DVD/CD’s, Books (in green). We hope you will take advantage of these resources to strengthen your faith and encourage and inspire others!

Click here to access the library inventory.

Dutch Sheets – How to Pray for the Lost

How to Pray for the Lost
by Dutch Sheets

Note from Sr. Leader Deb:

In this brief study/prayer, Dutch Sheets, spiritual warrior and intercessor, shares how to pray and war for the lost, but as well as, those who need restoration or even those who are in great error in the Church according to 2 Corinthians 10.  While this is an older video (and Dutch is older now!), I was literally supernaturally directed to this youtube teaching the morning of Christmas Eve. So, I would say it’s a word from the LORD for this Hour!

A Vision of the End

A Vision of the End
A revived Word from the late Kenneth E. Hagin

Last week, Sr. Leader Deb presented this “lost word” from Kenneth Hagin recorded 68 years ago. It is a paramount word relevant to today.  Take a look at this word as well as the personal commentary on revival and how this word impacts NBCF right now from Sr. Leader Deb.


A New Year – A New Beginning

As a human race, I’ve often thought we’re addicted to love… yet we’re also addicted to new beginnings!  I wondered “why”?

Then I had a realization:  Because we’re always so in need of both!

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