Targets of Witchcraft

Targets of Witchcraft
Article by Andy Sanders; commentary by Sr. Leader Debra Jack

Many don’t believe it and many want to ignore it, but churches are targets of witchcraft.  It’s happening and will continue to happen forcefully until Jesus returns. Take a few minutes to read this article, based on a warning dream by Andy Sanders, so that you may increase in your awareness and take action to protect your ministry!



Good Words and Reads: Recommendations from Sr. Leader Deb for 2019

Good Words and Reads
Recommendations from Sr. Leader Deb for 2019

As of September 11, 2018 we stepped into the Hebrew year 5779, so for us who live by the Gregorian calendar, this year of 2019 will end having gone into the Hebrew year 5780.

A prophecy by Christine Field that I recently read in regards to the Hebrew year 5779 lined up in many respects with what the LORD had given me.