Word for the Body of NBCF

The following word was received by one of our members, Cindi I., in early February and was shared with the pastoral team recently upon receiving confirmation during the Passover service on April 9th, 2020. We are sharing this to encourage the Body at NBCF to continue moving faithfully forward in personal revival and expectation!

The Lord told me that this year NBCF was going to be like his very own personal sailboat. I then just imagined all of us on a good-sized sailboat.  We were all together in unity and waiting.  I felt the Lord said to wait for His Holy Spirit to move us. We were to be praying and yielding to His spirit – completely yielded. I actually felt in my spirit that His spirit just took over and was literally the wind that touched our sails.  It started to just glide across the water. I thought… We are going somewhere.

Deb said those same words during the Passover service..  I feel God is just going to move us to where he wants us to go this year. Lilly confirmed this word too in a dream she shared with me.

I feel like last year we all had so many trials and there was so much pushing through.  When I felt the wind of the Holy Spirit just push our sails, it seemed like God was saying that much is going to feel effortless in ministry compared to last year. I can see that being on that boat and waiting are where we are right now. 


Sr. Leader and Prophet, Debra Jack, received a word from the Lord on the need for unity – both with God’s Spirit and with one another as a Body. Achieving this unity may look different than we think. Read more here.

Coronavirus and Your Rights

Coronavirus and rights…in the same sentence? Did I see that right? Absolutely! Learn more about your rights as a Believer in the midst of threatening sickness, plague and more. This is critical to enforcing our victory won through the Blood of Christ! Be sure to view Part 2 as well – there is a powerful prayer at the end that you can pray to enforce your rights and push back the darkness! Read it all here. 

Cindy Jacobs Prayer to End Coronavirus

Cindy Jacobs, along with other global leaders, are calling for a national day of prayer to end the Coronavirus. After seeking wisdom and prophetic counsel from prophets across the nation and world, they believe strongly that since this is a worldwide issue, it’s going to take the whole church to cry out together for mercy and healing. Let us join in!