A Vision of the End

A Vision of the End
A revived Word from the late Kenneth E. Hagin

Last week, Sr. Leader Deb presented this “lost word” from Kenneth Hagin recorded 68 years ago. It is a paramount word relevant to today.  Take a look at this word as well as the personal commentary on revival and how this word impacts NBCF right now from Sr. Leader Deb.


Carrying The Fire

Morningstar Ministries hosts: Carrying The Fire Conference for ages 50+. We believe we are at a pivotal moment on the Father’s heart. He is calling our generation as fathers and mothers in the Lord to unite for our greatest purpose. We are declaring a holy convocation, recognizing His faithfulness and to usher in the next move of God. Event is March 22-24, 2017. To register, visit http://mstarevents.com/carrythefire

2018 Prophetic Word

2018 Prophetic Word
by Sr. Leader & Prophet Debra Jack

Each year, Sr. Leader & Prophet Debra intentionally seeks the Lord for a word regarding the direction and emphasis for the new year.

This Year of 2018, the LORD gives the Word: DEVOTION

Since many believe they already know what devotion means and believe they are already devoted to the LORD, they may be tempted to ignore this word.  Please don’t!   Whatever you think you know about devotion, forego it and…read more.

Behold Our King: Christmas Reflections

Behold Our King
Christmas Reflections
by Debra Jack

Amidst all the things that are going on in our government today; amidst great anger flaring, creating and scattering about both small and great civil wars; amidst horrific natural catastrophic events; amidst great and terrible attacks on human life—terrorists and other; amidst great immoralities hijacking and occupying society; amidst the great compromises of the Church, and more—there is a King to behold!  A King we need to see, look at and observe with great intention and focus!  A King that needs to be at the center of our life…continue reading.

Revival – Part 1

Sunday, September 24, 2017: 
Revival – Part 1

How would the Holy Spirit like to lead us, the Body of Christ, in revival?  What are steps that need to be taken by individual members of the Body to begin operating in this revived state?  Listen as Pastor Lucas expounds upon a prophetic word from Pastor Deb stirring us to a revived state!

Podcast Update

Thank you for your patience!  After navigating some technical difficulties with recording that were more complicated than we initially thought, we are back in motion with our podcast!  Look for some past messages to be available soon!