How long is the Worship Service on Sunday? Sunday morning is our main weekly gathering. Our service typically last about 1-1/2 to 2 hours and includes praise and worship, a message from one of the team leaders and opportunities for personal ministry.

What is the music like? Our music is provided by our worship band which is led by our worship leader. The band consists of other vocalists and instruments such as guitar (acoustic, electric and bass), keyboard, percussion, horn and the like. We have a contemporary sound mixed with spontaneous worship. Common expressions of worship include raising hands, closing eyes, singing, clapping, dancing and the use of banners or flags.

How is the offering received? Because we have an interesting mix of tables and chairs with some rows of chairs, our offerings are received spontaneously during the worship service. Members and visitors can place their tithes and offerings in the offering containers located at the front and either side of the stage area.

What happens for children on Sunday? We ask that the children (of all ages) participate in the praise and worship part of the service. Then, we take a brief break and invite them to participate in our DiscipleKids ministry (ages 5-10) or our Playing with a Purpose ministry (ages 0-4). Once the service is over, parents are free to pick up their children at their classroom. We welcome parents to visit with the classroom teacher and ask questions before or after services. Mothers with babies or young toddlers may use our private nursing room (next door to the nursery) which is furnished with a changing table, as needed during worship.