Build My Kingdom

Prophetic Word received by Rebecca Ellis, NBCF Member

This was an exchange that I had with the Lord while I was praying. This actually happened on March 22, 2020. I felt like I heard the Lord say, “Build My Kingdom.”

So I asked,
–How do we build Your Kingdom?

“Call My people.”
–What do You mean?

“Call them to Me.   Awake, O sleeper, arise.
The light of dawn is shining upon you.
Breathe in the fresh air of My Presence.
Let My Spirit awaken your senses.
See what I see.   Hear what I hear.
Taste and see that the Lord your God is good.
He has what’s best for you in mind.
Arise and shine in the darkness.
Awake, O sleeper, lift your head and see that the Lord your God does not sleep.
He does not doze.   He does not dream.
He is awake and active on your behalf.
O, my children, do you not have eyes to see and ears to hear?
Do you hear Me calling to you?
I’m calling you out of your daze and into action.
Get up and make ready.
Ready the weapons of war.
For now is the time.
I will lead you into victory.
I stretch out My hand before you and enemies flee.
I lift My sword at the ready.
Are you ready?”

–What are the weapons?

“The Sword of the Spirit/ the Word
My Presence/ prayer/ communion with Me
Worship/ praise
Obedience/ discipline
Courage/ faith
Wisdom/ true knowledge (knowledge of the truth)
Determination/ diligence”