Anniversary Word of Prophecy to NBCF

The LORD says,

“NBCF, I have plans for you, plans to prosper you and give you a future that glorifies Me!  Don’t take this lightly!  Be serious in this Hour to see and hear both the plans and prosperity and rejoice in Me!

“It is Me who formed you to glorify Me in this place and in this time.  “But it has been difficult for you to…Read more

7 Angels Released to NBCF

During the Sunday morning prayer time with the Intercessors before our worship encounter on 11-7-21—NBCF’s Anniversary Sunday—the Holy Spirit spoke that the LORD was releasing seven different angels for the Hour we are in. 

I was also told that these 7 angels had been given assignments specific to their names. Now, I only saw the names of three of these angels.  Why…? Read more

Get Order – Conform to Heaven

The LORD said, “I have come to make all things NEW again—and to bring/release My Kingdom that Heaven may be experienced on Earth.  Few realize this as fact.

“That means you [My Church—Ekklesia—governmental agency] must CHANGE because I came to change everything!  I came to change your mind that it may align with My mind.  If you [My Church] do not change how you think, you cannot and will not experience Heaven. “I came to change Earth that it may align with Heaven—that Heaven may be present on Earth.  That only happens through…

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Everyone is NOT Okay: The Deception Behind the Deception

There is an antichrist deception that has gained unprecedented ground over the last few decades, which is not only in the world but radically and unashamedly in the Church today.  Yes, it’s always been here; but again, it has gained unprecedented ground—just as the Bible told us it would.  In fact, it is what is behind and backing the Great Apostasy which is now in full swing. There are many ways this deception is spreading, but one great part of this antichrist deception is…

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The Shaking…of the Church

This is a prophetic word that Sr. Leader and Prophet, Debra, received in November 2010. No doubt, it is on-time and relevant for today:

This Shaking will be a personal shaking, as much as, a corporate and world Shaking. The LORD tells me that He will NOT shake the world until He does indeed shake His Churchi.e. His Body, first.

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