Coronavirus and Your Rights

Coronavirus and rights…in the same sentence? Did I see that right? Absolutely! Learn more about your rights as a Believer in the midst of threatening sickness, plague and more. This is critical to enforcing our victory won through the Blood of Christ! Be sure to view Part 2 as well – there is a powerful prayer at the end that you can pray to enforce your rights and push back the darkness! Read it all here. 

Cindy Jacobs Prayer to End Coronavirus

Cindy Jacobs, along with other global leaders, are calling for a national day of prayer to end the Coronavirus. After seeking wisdom and prophetic counsel from prophets across the nation and world, they believe strongly that since this is a worldwide issue, it’s going to take the whole church to cry out together for mercy and healing. Let us join in!

The Shaking

On Sunday, March 15, 2020, Sr. Leader and Propet Debra shared a prophetic word on the shaking that is happening presently worldwide. There is a heavenly shaking and a demonic shaking. Read the written word here to understand what the Lord is doing within His Body in this season and how we can respond!

6 Words That Got My Attention

By Brooke Jack

It was Friday, February 6, 2015. I was cleaning up in my kitchen while the kids were scurrying around the living room after breakfast.  As I moved about putting away dishes and scraping Cheerios off the floor, I was battling in my mind – frustrations, pressures, the cares of the world.  I caught myself going down that road of self-focus and literally, slammed my hand down on the counter and said “Ok, enough.” We were leaving soon to go to intercessory prayer, which happens every Friday morning, and I thought “Is this how I’m going to prepare to meet with you, God?” Fed up with myself for entertaining distracting and defeating thoughts, I shook my head and said, “God, what’s on your mind?”

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