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Hey DiscipleKids! Remember some of our favorite guys from Kids On The Move? I hope you will enjoy this video on Gideon. It is a great story from Scripture that reminds us that fear is not our boss!

Here are video links from one of our curriculum sources to a few at-home, video-facilitated devotionals that directly address the fear and the worry kids may be experiencing due to all that they are hearing about the coronavirus. These lessons are interactive, and there are instructions along the way about what to do. These lessons are best suited for younger elementary (K-2), but I highly recommend the music videos (which are featured near the beginning of the video) for all ages!

Looking for a site that has Bible verse challenges, Bible story videos AND cool games? Superbook has become one of my favorite resources lately! I have the Superbook app on my phone and my kids love doing the Daily Bible Challenge which is a great way for them to engage with the Word of God (actually…I’ll be honest…I do the daily challenge a lot of days myself before the kids do!). Check it out and see what you think! I’ve only tried a few of the games so far and enjoyed Fish & Bread, David Sheep Protector. and Time TravelersI can’t wait to hear what your favorite is!