“February for Freedom” Challenge

Sunday, February 2nd, Pastor Lucas initiated a challenge for the body at NBCF during February called “February for Freedom.”  On the heels of our corporate fast, this challenge is meant to bind us into common vision, help us seek after Kingdom order in our lives, as well as promote spiritual hunger!  

Here is a recap of the challenge to you:

1.  Soak in the Word:  

a)  Read a Psalm and Proverb daily
b)  Read the book of Luke and Ephesians over the month of February  
c)  Supplement your daily reading with a podcast, a video sermon, or other Biblically-based text

2.  Worship (Rejoice!)

3.  If you have a spouse, commit to doing devotions together as a couple this month. 

Let’s wholeheartedly embrace this challenge and the freedom it will bring!