Intercessory Prayer









We are warriors, our weapon is the Word of God, and our commission is to stand in the gap, watch from the wall, and intercept the enemy before he gets too close. . .

 “Intercessory prayer is an extension of the ministry of Jesus through His Body, the Church, whereby we mediate between God and humanity for the purpose of reconciling the world to Him, or between Satan and humanity for the purpose of enforcing the victory of Calvary.” ~Dutch Sheets

We at NBCF believe in Intercessory Prayer.  We also believe that while each and every Christian will and should intercede for others in prayer, there are those who have the gifting and will serve as prayer intercessors in the Body of Christ.

We are in the last of the Last Days.  Things are and will be changing and shifting rapidly.  Intercessors will be the Watchmen on the Wall ready to alert at each change and shift.  Intercessors will be at the front lines of spiritual warfare in their churches, communities, cities, states and nations.  Intercessors will be at the front lines of Breakthrough.  Intercessors will be at the front lines of Revival and Restoration. And, Intercessors will pave the way for the Great End-Times Harvest of souls.

We are raising up and equipping those who sense they are called to Intercessory Prayer—either for a season or on a more permanent basis.

Our prayer team meets weekly to create an atmosphere for His presence. For more information or to learn how to get involved, please speak with Cyndi Lampros, Head Intercessor.