Jesus Christ (the only Son of God) said:  “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me,” (John 14:6).   So, come, follow Me . . .

W.i.r.e.d. is not a program—it’s a plan derived from what God has naturally given each us.  It is a concept that will get everyone involved in evangelism naturally.

How W.i.r.e.d. Works

The idea is to evangelize naturally or according to your Motivational Gift.  In other words, “how we are wired.  Evangelism should not be a “cookie-cutter” process.  We shouldn’t copy anyone else’s evangelistic outreach.  Each one of us is uniquely wired and that should cause a unique way in which to evangelize.  Motivational means that which energizes us!   W.i.r.e.d. is energetic!

There are 7 Motivational Gifts (Romans 12:6-8).  Wired Evangelism will work in and through all 7 ways:  Perceiver; Server; Teacher; Encourager/Exhorter; Giver; Leader/Administrator; Mercy/Compassion Person.  Each person should be evangelizing naturally through his/her major (and possibly even secondary) Motivational Gift.

A Perceiver may use his/her frank personality to right the wrong in someone’s life with Scripture bringing repentance; lovingly warn a person of spiritual danger.

A Server may recognize practical needs of someone and a desire to meet them.

A Teacher may bring a revelation of truth into someone’s life—one who has been walking in darkness.

The Encourager/Exhorter may go where no one else wants to go and encourage someone out of a pit of destruction.

The Giver may reach out to someone by meeting a financial need.

The Leader/Administrator may touch the chaos in someone’s life and help to restore order.

The Compassion Person can minister to someone who is emotionally hurting.

In Other Words, W.i.r.e.d. will. . .

  • Cause evangelism to be non-typical.  We will evangelize in a manner suited to us instead of in a manner suited to the 5-fold Evangelist minister.
  • Place responsibility on each one to evangelize
  • Cause each one of us to be more spontaneous
  • Cause each one of us to be more creative
  • Cause each one to be intentional about evangelism